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Profile of European Life Science Investors

Profile of European Life Science Investors

Here is some information about active European investors in the life-science and biotechnology sectors. Most European life-science venture capital firms are global investors.

Seventure Partners

With EUR 500 million under management, the company is an active investment partner sin Europe since 1997. Seventure Partners invests since 1997 in two innovative business areas: Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)and Life Sciences (LF). Most of investments in the Life Sciences sector are concentrated in the early stage opportunities.

Within the life-science sector, the company invests in biopharmaceuticals, industrial biotech, medical devices and wellness & nutrition. It is worth noting that the company also includes cleantech and renewable energy in its industrial biotech investment mandate.

Seventure Partners has an impressive portfolio with companies from all around the world, it provides first investment as well as subsequent investments.

Biobank Technology Ventures LLC

Biobank is a global life sciences company that creates and develops innovative product-driven biotechnology ventures. The company specializes in providing seed and early stage financing together with experienced management for intellectual property, licensing and business and international development.

Biobank is headquartered in California, USA, but it has office in London focusing in identifying and investing in European biotechnology opportunities.

CapMan Capital Management Oy

CapMan is one of the leading private equity investors in the Nordic countries and Russia and manages funds with approximately 3.5 billion in total capital. CapMan's operations are divided into two business areas, CapMan Private Equity and CapMan Real Estate. The CapMan team comprises 150 people in Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo, Moscow, Copenhagen and Luxembourg.

Apart from life-science, biotechnology and medical devices, it also invests in healthcare management companies. Some examples of current portfolio companies include:

Curato, a leading provider of medical imaging services in Norway with main customers regional health authorities but also insurance companies and private individuals are significant customer segments.

Hermelinen is a private healthcare provider that provides specialist care, primary care, physiotherapy, fitness and occupational care. The company operates primarily in Northern Sweden.

Esperi Care offers assisted living services, response alarm systems, and home care services to senior citizens, assisted living services for people recovering from psychological problems and the disabled, as well as ambulance services.

Scandinavian Life Science Venture

The fund is one of the largest investment funds in Scandinavia in the life science sector.

SLS Venture, a Scandinavian-based venture capital company, is the result of the merger of the life science team from The Sixth Swedish National Pension Fund, Medicon Valley Capital and Innoventus with over USD 350 million under management.

The firm considers private equity deals in non-listed companies. It seeks to make investments in the life science sector with a focus on medtech and biotech tools.

The firm typically invests in the Scandinavian region with focus on Sweden and Denmark. It prefers to invest SEK 30 million ($4.37 million) and SEK100 million ($14.58 million), with a follow-on reserve of 150 percent of initial investment.

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