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Venture Capital Directory ::  Cleantech and Energy Venture Capital Investors Profile

Cleantech and Energy Venture Capital Investors Profile

Cleantech Venture Capital Investors Profile

Here are some more investors that are active in the Cleantech and Renewable energy sectors.

KCA Partners, Ltd.

San Francisco based diversified investment group, highly focused on energy related industries such as renewable energy, energy efficiency opportunities. They typically look at opportunities with enterprise value $10 to $100m, with revenue $15m+ per year.

KCA Partners is a diversified venture capital fund, for the cleantech and energy related opportunities they invest in the following sectors:

  •  Energy Efficiency
    (e.g., lighting, HVAC, demand response, sensors, meters, controls)
  •  Environmental Equipment and Services
    (e.g., recycling, water filtration, test and treatment, air pollution control, pumps, valves)
  •  Green Products and Services
    (e.g., building materials, construction and system automation; consumer products)
  •  Business Services
    (e.g., outsourced services, healthcare services, environmental and facility services, testing services)
  •  Infrastructure Products and Services
    (e.g., water, wastewater, flow control, repair and maintenance, safety, inspection)

WK Technology Fund

Taiwan based venture capital funds have started investing in global opportunities since the late 1980s, funded by successful Taiwanese technology companies as the foundation, many of Taiwanese tech funds have since then expanded into Greater China markets, as well as into US markets.

WK Technology Fund has invested in over 300 companies to date, its initial investment typically ranges from $1 million to $10 million and it continues to support our portfolio companies through multiple rounds of funding.

The company has a strong presence in Asia, as well as in US through its Silicon Valley operation.

Asian technology venture capital firms have been stepping up their investments in global opportunities especially US technology companies investment firms from Taiwan, Japan and Singapore have been investing in US tech sectors since 1990s, and should be considered as potential investors.

Although not an exclusive cleantech investor, the company does invest in industrial products that can improve energy efficiency or relate to other cleantech industries such as solar energy.

AutoVision GmbH

AutoVision GmbH is a venture capital firm and a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG. The company provides seed, start-up and expansion financing and focuses on companies operating in sectors such as: machinery, computer hardware, computer software, medicine, electronics, distribution and communication technologies.

AutoVision GmbH typically invests between 1 and 2.5 million. Although owned by Volkswagen AG, AutoVision is a conglomerate investor, so most of its investments are not related to the automotive industries.

3i Group plc

3i Group plc is a United Kingdom-based company; it is also one of the most well known global private equity groups.

The Company is an international investor focused on buyouts, growth capital and infrastructure, investing in Europe, Asia and North America.

The Company invests in sectors, such as business services, consumer financial services, general industrial, healthcare, media, oil, gas and power, technology and infrastructure. 3i Investments plc acts as an investment manager to the Company.

Its cleantech and energy related investments are included under its Industrial & Energy sectors, also through its 3i Infrastructure fund. Its investment include a wide range of businesses such as natural gas projects, industrial automation, water flow management technologies, it also provide infrastructure financing for energy related projects.

Nereus Capital

Nereus Capital is an interesting company; it is one of the very first India based venture capital group investing in the cleantech and renewable energy sectors.

IFC, the private sector arm of the World Bank had made an announcement that ut may invest up to $20 million in Nereus India Alternative Energy Fund LLC , a newly formed fund which will target companies engaged in the development, construction & operation of renewable and clean energy generation assets or those focused on the deployment of clean energy technologies in India.

The total target size of this fund is $250 million. The anticipated portfolio of Nereus will include 7-10 investments of $15 million-$35 million each, in equity and equity-linked securities of companies primarily focusing on the development, construction and operation of power generation assets in India.

Nereus Capital is currently investing from its India Energy Fund and typically puts $5 million-$25 million in equity or equity-linked securities of clean and renewable power generation companies.

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